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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. The Key to Mastering Decisions
    • Clarity in Decision Making-Definitions
    • Characteristics of a Clear Decision
    • The Value of Decision Clarity
    • Right Decision and Decision Quality
  • Chapter 2. The Clarity State-Mental Focus Redefined
    • Definition
    • Death Habits to Achieving Clarity
    • Breaking Death Habits
  • Chapter 3. Five Hurdles to Clarity
    • Lack of a Clear Objective
    • Lack of Clear Constraints
    • Difficulty in Dealing with Emotions
    • Lack of a Clear Perspective (Frame)
    • Difficulty in Selecting Among Options
  • Chapter 4. How Do You Make Decisions? Overview of a CEO-Tested Process
    • Part I: Reach and Maintain the Clarity State
    • Part II: Define the Decision-Create a Decision Map
    • Part III-Deal with Emotions
    • Part IV: Achieve Clarity of Perspective
    • Part V: Align with Outcomes-Visualizing the Future
    • Decision-Making in Large Versus Small Companies
  • Chapter 5. You Too Can Reach Clarity at Will!-How to Attain the Clarity State
    • Measuring the Attainment of the Clarity State
    • Learning Your Clarity State-A Five-Step Process
    • Using Clarity State for Decision-Making
  • Chapter 6. No Aim, No Game-How to Achieve Clarity of Objective
    • Why Bother Defining Decisions?
    • Effective Decision Definitions-A Short Course
    • Decision Map
    • Clarity of Objective
    • Worksheet 6-1: Clarifying a Decision Objective
  • Chapter 7. Escaping Handcuffs-How to Achieve Clarity of Constraints
    • What Is a Constraint?
    • Traps to Avoid
    • Process for Clarifying Decision Constraints
    • Worksheet 7-1: Clarifying Decision Constrainrs
    • Example: Achieving Clarity of Decision Definition-Putting Together a Decision Map
    • Expanding Solution Options
  • Chapter 8. Balancing Mind and Body-How to Learn from Your Emotional Cues
    • Recent Scientific Findings About the Link Between Emotions and Reason
    • Learn from Your Emotions
    • The Process of Dealing with Emotions in Decision-Making
    • Worksheet 8-1: Dealing with Emotions
  • Chapter 9. Pick a Fight!-How to Get the Most Out of Clashing Opinions
    • Constructive Use of Disagreements
    • Disagreements and Emotions
    • Process of Dealing with Disagreements in Decision-Making
  • Chapter 10. Everything Is Relative!-Why the Right Frame Is Critical
    • Are You Framed?
    • Value of a Clear Perspective
    • Achieving Clarity of Perspective
    • Frame Artist's Process of Shifting Perspectives
  • Chapter 11. Becoming a Frame Artist-How to Master Clarity of Perspective
    • Technique 1: Constraints Relaxation
    • Technique 2: Assumption Stretching
    • Technique 3: Identifying the Crux of the Issue
    • Technique 4: Expanding Your View
    • Technique 5: Shifting a Loss Problem Statement into Gain
    • Technique 6: Looking at Your Decision from the Perspective of a Realized Objective in the Future
    • Frame Artist's Toolbox
  • Chapter 12. Bull's-eye!-How to Align with the Right Outcome
    • Educating Intuition-A Brief Overview
    • Arriving at a Clear Choice
    • Process for Clarifying Your Choice
  • Chapter 13. Voila!-How to Put It All Together
  • Appendix A. Clarity State Decision-Making Technique-A Summary
    • Part I: Technique of Reaching the Clarity State
    • Part II: Define the Decision
    • Part III: Process of Dealing with Emotions
    • Part IV: Process of Achieving Clarity of Perspective
    • Part V: Process of Aligning with Outcomes
  • Appendix B. Additional Tips on Reducing Decision Complexity
    • Clarity of Communication
    • Technique: Creating a Communication Decision Layer
    • Reducing Decision Complexity by Creating Decision Layers
    • Technique: Identifying and Formulating a New Decision Layer
  • References
  • Index
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