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The key to reaching clarity is the ability to focus your physical, mental and emotional resources at will on a certain issue. With such focus, you can identify the right choice faster, more easily, and with greater certainty and internal alignment. It is a practice that can be acquired. This book presents the elements of this practice. The objective of this book is to present techniques that enable you to reach clarity on difficult, strategic decisions with greater effectiveness, thus increasing your decision-making mastery level. This is the book that I wish I could have read at the beginning of my career.

The book defines a Clarity State - a measurable state of mental, physical, and emotional coherence that focuses our inner resources. I found that the combination of the Clarity State with the rigor and discipline of decision-making best practices, utilized by experienced decision makers, has a profound impact on the ability to reach a clear choice in complex situations.

The book presents the combination of the Clarity State with a rigorous decision-making process in a practical technique - Clarity State Decision-Making - which can be used by decision makers in small and large organizations alike. Using this process, a stunning 93% of CEOs in my test group made clear choices, resolving current decision situations within an hour and a half after focusing on them. Some of these decisions had been pending for weeks or months.

Five Hurdles to Clarity. Based on 115 tough business decision situations I grouped the difficulties into 5 categories. The book presents methods and specific techniques to overcome these barriers. The following excerpts offer selected examples of the discussed methods. "

  • Clarity of objective and constraints: Defining your decision
    Know exactly what you're trying to accomplish
    • Read about two examples of a similar decision in two difference companies. One company did it right and another did not. Why Bother Defining Decisions?
  • Emotions and reason: you need them both
    Don't just acknowledge your emotions: use them to your advantage
  • Clarity of perspective: finding the right decision "frame"
    Identify the right context for your decision
  • Decision de-layering: peeling away complexity
    Simplify complex decisions by working through each individual element
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