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"Yes, it's time to decide which management book to read next. To help you decide, I have read Luda Kopeikina's The Right Decision Every Time. And so I can now much better muster emotional resources, overcome procrastination, clearly set objectives, apply reason, establish context, and de-layer complexity. I can now clearly recommend that THIS be the next management book that you read. Kopeikina offers many insights into how best to make decisions, both corporate and not, but the ones I most appreciate reveal how to free your mind and body from their -- yikes -- "death habits." Kopeikina also recommends clarity of communication as a test of decisions, and she shows us how on every page of her fine book."

Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe, MIT engineer; Ethernet inventor; 3Com founder; InfoWorld pundit; and now Polaris partner; Recipient in 2005 of the National Medal of Technology, the nation's highest award for technological innovation


"The Right Decision Every Time offers sound and practical advice for resolving complex decision situations. By considering any decision in a clear state of mind, we find fundamental barriers, test core assumptions and align with the right choice. Ideas presented in this book can make a profound difference in any manager's effectiveness."

C. Michael Armstrong, Retired Chairman, Comcast--AT&T-Hughes


"In her book, The Right Decision Every Time, Luda Kopeikina provides a unique and enlightening look into the process of decision making utilizing a Clarity State - a state of emotional, mental and physical balance. This book is a 'must-read' for any manager or entrepreneur that strives to be the most effective leader they can be."

Marshall Carter, Retired Chairman and CEO, State Street Bank and Trust


"Effective leaders communicate clear strategies. To communicate strategy clearly, they must be clear themselves. The Right Decision Every Time presents simple but powerful techniques that even mature leaders have repeatedly shown they can add to their arsenal, helping them excel in leadership. The Clarity State integrates many difficult techniques in a very practical, proven process. Everyone who aspires to successfully lead their organizations, large or small, private or public, should learn the process Luda presents in this book."

James L. Ritchie-Dunham, PhD, President, The Institute for Strategic Clarity; Associate at Harvard University Psychology Department; Co-author of Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning, and Leveraging Strategic Resources


"The Right Decision Every Time is a wonderful book and should be mandatory (and life-saving!) reading for every executive. The ability to quickly and effectively focus your mind on the subject at hand, independent of what is going on around you is a critical skill that any leader has to master in order to excel. Most successful business people, myself included, pride themselves on their ability to 'multi-task' and accomplish large amounts of 'work' during the business day. This book made me realize that this very action has actually been a detriment to my assessing business goals and making more thoughtful or 'right' decisions. The Right Decision Every Time teaches us how to engage our subconscious at will, which enables us to make sound, clear decisions that are not in conflict with ourselves or our ultimate goal."

Debi Davis, CEO, Fit America


"Luda Kopeikina has provided a practical and much-needed framework that allows executives at all levels to improve their decision making. To improve your decision making -- and results -- read this book."

Michael Treacy, author of Double-Digit Growth and The Discipline of Market Leaders


"Wrong assumptions and incongruence of the team with the decision are among main reasons for corporate failure. To avoid these dangerous wrong turns, every executive should study Luda Kopeikina's five-step process for making clear decisions."

Raymond P. Schiavone, President & CEO, Arbortext


"Leaders value decision clarity. Clear decisions are easier to communicate and they can be used as inspiring calls for action. A must-read book for any executive who wants to increase clarity in their decisions and excel in business."

E. Linn Draper, Jr, Retired Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, American Electric Power


"This excellent book addresses a rarely discussed topic in business literature - the effect of emotions in decision making and how to harness them for greater effectiveness. A practical and insightful book for all business leaders and managers on the art and science of making tough decisions."

Bruce Cryer, CEO, HeartMath, and Author, From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance


"Luda Kopeikina's decision-making process is innovative, just like she is. She asks a tough question: Is there a state of being that will enable leaders to make better decisions? Her excellent and well-researched approach shows that there is -- a Clarity State. In this exciting and ground-breaking book, Luda is showing us how to use this profound state for making better and clearer decisions when it really matters."

Cindy Kushner, President of Women Executive Leadership, Partner, KPMG


"The Right Decision Every Time presents real-life examples of tough, complex decisions faced by CEOs every day. It should be required reading for any executive, but especially the younger ones, striving to balance risk, success and emotional toll tough decisions take on us."

Chris Schuster, President and CEO, Emerson Hospital


"The success of a business is simply the sum total of all the decisions made. Kopeikina's book is the first to provide a practical approach to dramatically increase the speed and quality of decision making in an organization. Nothing is more important than making the right decision."

Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles; Founder of YEO and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits


"Every executive aspiring to be a good leader should read this book. All of us strive to make better decisions. With experience we come to realize that what really matters is how we make those important decisions. This book takes the reader through thought provoking questions and allows much reflection on previous decisions as an extremely useful learning process into the nature of your personal decision-making style. It also introduces a powerful framework for making better decisions. An important and extremely timely book."

Chiang Gnee HENG, Deputy President, Sembcorp Marine Limited, Singapore


"The Right Decision Every Time is a true eye-opening enabler for executives who have to make tough decisions in a fast-paced business environment. Luda Kopeikina's work on decision-making not only names the power behind good decisions - vision, personal commitment and alignment of analytical and emotional capabilities - but also provides practical tools to unleash that power on critical decisions."

Katja von Raven, VP Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid


"Want to learn how to make better decisions - reliably? Read this book. Luda Kopeikina shares lessons learned from her work with master decision makers Jack Welch of GE and Larry Bossidy of Allied Signal; from her personal experience as a highly successful CEO of a publicly traded technology firm; from interviews with over one hundred successful CEOs around the nation; and from academic research on decision making at MIT and other eminent universities. Her conclusion? The best decisions flow from a clear head joined to a trained gut. She then lays out a coherent, step-by-step technique that anyone can follow, to make better decisions, each and every time.

The result is a system that unites rational analysis with a method for tapping into those deep intuitive powers of the mind described in Malcolm Gladwell's Blink.

Highly recommended for all decision makers, and all those who aspire to be one."

Keith Collins, MD, CEO, PhyTrust


"Deeply-buried biases can lead us in the wrong direction. Uncovering decision biases is easier said than done. The Right Decision Every Time provides a coherent description of the state of clarity that can help anyone identify alternative decision perspectives and select the right one. This book is not just for business managers. Every one of us can use the insights and techniques presented in the book to eradicate doubts, stop wasting time in deciding and start acting!"

John Van Maanen, Erwin H. Schell Professor of Organization Studies, MIT


"Complex decisions often involve diverging opinions and team conflicts. It is the job of a leader to make a decision, unite the team and lead the way to a successful implementation. The Right Decision Every Time addresses these challenges and provides practical techniques for resolving conflict and creating team unity. I am excited that this book can help anyone make clearer decisions in complex situations."

Adrienne Arsht, Chairman, TotalBank


"The Right Decision Every Time will make a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of those who adopt its message."

Carl A. Erikson, Energy and Management Consultant; Former Senior Vice President, American Electric Power


"Every entrepreneur should read this book! Entrepreneurs face decisions that are not only complex, but are of the "make-or-break" kind. While in the midst of juggling myriad priorities, constraints, problems and opportunities, it is challenging to clearly focus on crucial, strategic decisions. The Clarity State and the simple but powerful decision-making techniques described in the book work for me and will help anyone who is striving to reach clarity in a situation with little available or conflicting data."

Cheryl L. Clarkson, Founder and CEO, SkinHealth


"The Right Decision Every Time delivers on its promise to help the reader reach perfect clarity on tough decisions. A comprehensive technique to decision-making that focuses your physical, mental and emotional resources is taught and reinforced with a wealth of examples where executives used the technique to actually make real decisions. Luda Kopeikina shows that reaching perfect clarity on tough decisions is a skill and that it can be learned. Luda has uncluttered the process of decision-making and in doing so she equips decision makers with the tools to make consistently better decisions.

As I read this book, several business decisions I am currently facing were seen in much better clarity. This book promises to change organizations and their cultures, both large and small, as a manual on how to achieve perfect clarity on tough decisions."

Anthony J. Ahern, President & CEO, Buckeye Power, Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives


"Luda Kopeikina has created an innovative approach to making effective decisions quickly. The Right Decision Every Time provides you with a process, or a decision map, to follow, guiding you to solutions, which you can implement with conviction. It is an easy, straightforward, but powerful process. Any leader would do well by adopting this approach, particularly when faced with complex, challenging decisions that can leave an organization in limbo until they are resolved."

R. Jeffrey Bailly, President & CEO, UFP Technologies


"Our ability to generate sustainable shareholder value depends on our capacity to make the right decision every time. Luda Kopeikina introduces a practical framework for weeding out clutter and preparing the ground for thoughtful decisions. Full of telling insights, her book is a pleasure to read."

James J. Schiro, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Financial Services

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